Tully's Coffee Nishi-Shinjuku in Tokyo: One of Recommended Cafe in Shinjuku area

This cafe is very convenient for me to get free Wi-Fi and it is called “METRO FREE Wi-Fi“, because it is close to Nishi-Shinjuku metro station. By the way, before users are authorized by the server, users can send ping any destination but aren’t allowed to transfer any TCP/IP packets. It’s to be expected that the provider wants to restrict the unauthorized user to prevent any unexpected and malicious behavior.

Logs of ping and ssh before I start to authorize:

Recognize the purpose of the meeting

I didn’t go off the track from the main theme of meeting. The aims of the meeting are the following points:
1) Share the acknowledging and knowledge.
2) Come to a conclusion or next action plan after discussion.
Especially, 2) is important for me because 4 days ago, I failed moderate the meeting and uphold the above point of view. From now, I will pay attention to moderating the meeting.

I'll continue to write the technical blog

When I was a university student, I wrote the technical blog in this site to improve my skill and further my studies in programming, network, software design but recently, I can’t write it constantly because I’m busy with work.
Writing blog to study is effective for studying because you need certain stills to write a blog such as:
1. Gathering knowledge about a theme
2. Logical thinking and writing
Now that I work for a system engineer in a bank and need to learn new skill, it is hard to take the free time after work. So I usually write articles in advance on Saturday or Sunday for three or four days as a buffer.

How to put off many books

I continue to clean up my room after I’ve moved to new house. I worry about how to put off many books that I brought from family home and I can’t store in new house such as technical books and novels. It is “MOTTAINAI” to put off as dust so at first I’m planing to sell in Amazon market place but I recognize it is troublesome and low margin task with respect to spend much time to register the book, respond to buyer, send book, inform them. So I’ll request to cutting vendors to cut books and after that I’ll scan them as PDF or JPG data to read by some devices and I can save the space in my house.

We start to share our study progress

From today, my sister and I have started to share our study progress in order to maintain our motivation to continue to study. Because we consider that it is difficult for us to maintain it after daily work by oneself. We choose Facebook groups as the tool to confirm our progress because it is convenient to share our daily progress such as “Today I’ve studied AAA” and “How to start to study is BBB”. At first, we will try to use it whether it is an effective or not. After that, We’ll rule about how to report our daily progress with trial and error.