LedgerとSafePalのBitcoin / ETH(Ethereum)アドレス生成アルゴリズムは同じ(BIP39 / BIP44)

Ledger Nano XSafePal S1を入手し表題を実機検証できたので備忘で記載するもの。

下記の写真は同一ニーモニックフレーズ(mnemonic phrase)を設定した両ハードウェアウォレットのBTCアドレスの表示画面。掲載の都合上一部モザイクを掛けているが完全一致していることを確認できた。EthereumのETHアドレスについては写真は割愛するがBTCと同様に両ウォレットで生成されるアドレスの完全一致を確認済。



上記の結論については分かっている人は今更感あるが、同一アドレスが生成できる仕掛けはアドレス生成アルゴリズムが両ウォレットともBIP39(アドレス生成アルゴリズム規格)、BIP44(アドレス階層規格)で同じである為。(※BIP: Bitcoin Improvement Proposal)


BIP39 / 44の公式ドキュメント


色々ぐぐって見たところ販売元ドメインのサポートとLedger teamが別ドメインで掲載しているドキュメントあり。

Get the recovery phrase to restore. BIP39/BIP44 recovery phrases are supported.

Restore from recovery phrase – Ledger Support

Public addresPublic addresses are derived from an account’s extended public key (xpub) by incrementing the address index in the derivation path. Ledger Live follows the BIP 44 standard which prescribes that wallets look ahead 20 addresses from the last used address.

Address gap limit – Ledger Support


SafePal is using BIP39/44 mnemonic phrase standard so you could recover the mnemonic phrase in any other BIP39/44 compatible wallet. Here is a recover guide video, kindly check it if you are interested in.

Recovery & back-up – SafePal Knowledge Base

SafePal is using BIP39/44 mnemonic phrase standard. However, even using the same mnemonic standard, the different derivation paths may also result in different currency addresses.
The following info is the derivation path of the address of the currency already supported by SafePal for your reference.
BTC(Legacy): m/44h/0h/0h
BTC(SegWit): m/49h/0h/0h
BTC(Native SegWit):m/84h/0h/0h

Derivation paths supported by SafePal – SafePal Knowledge Base

You can check the spelling error of the Mnemonic through the open specification, BIP39.https://github.com/bitcoinjs/bip39/blob/master/src/wordlists/english.json

Mnemonic phrase – SafePal Knowledge Base

SafePal supports BIP44 mnemonic generation standard. If your mnemonic phrase is not a BIP44-compatible one, it cannot be recovered on a SafePal wallet. Welcome to contact us at www.safepal.io to submit a request. if you have further questions.

Mnemonic phrase – SafePal Knowledge Base