The Pitfall of Freedom of Choice

Nowadays, various interfaces that have the possibility of replacing a mouse and a keyboard are developed such as a tablet, Wii controller, a tangible user interface, and a sound recognition system.
These interfaces may be possible to use the computer without circumstance.

I suppose the simple and light device associates with television. B
ut the former differs from the latter in the property of multimedia.

TV is the passive media that we only leave information received. On the other hand, the computer connected to the Internet is the active media at the point that it can retrieve what information we want to know.

Apparently, such computer is more effective than TV but both devices are only a tool. So, practicality depends on the user.

By the way, I’ll pick up utility of computer with retrieval via the Internet.
There is enormous information in the Internet.

It means that what we’ll know exist in it but at the same time, it’s difficult to retrieve proper one. That to say we have such a plethora of choice and therefore, we don’t know how to narrow the search to the proper result. This is the pitfall of freedom of choice.

Then, what can I do for it?