Retracing This Month With Reflecting and Praising

Today is the last day in this month. So, I’ll retrace it.

Could I have done according to schedule?
Could I measure the plan that I’m capable of?

How many plans could you have done?
When I
had done it, what did I gain the effect?
If I couldn’t carry out it, what do I think about the causes?

I’ll bind my mind and make myself clear with more concrete question.
When I had read books in this month, how many books did I read?

And, what did I learn at them? How did you reflect the knowledge in my daily life?

On the whole, so-so, I could have done what I wanted to do. But of course, I couldn’t completely do according to schedule.
Especially, it’s difficult to arrange the long term schedule. I need to review it.

Well, There are the point to admire. I can continue to write the diary in English every day from nine days ago and I can willingly help family with any kinds of housekeeping and so on.
They’re good progress with me for the moment.

Tomorrow is the first day of next month. Afresh, from the first to the last I’ll do my best as far as I can for my aims.