I want to do that and this

Now, I start writing blog in English. Sometimes I think I may write this in Japanese in order to express the plain idea to suit me and what may became idea. At the same time, I want to have a good command of English and read a foreign paper to keep on learning IT over the long time.

In my opinion, writing in English is good effect on talking. Because writing and talking are common in term of an expression. I can reflect mutually.

Well when I can write this speedy, I plan to do both English and Japanese reports. In this case, how can I recognize both? How long can I spend in writing? How do I practice in daily?


  1. tougo より:

    First of all,congratulation for the starting of your life with this blog! you are one of the mysterious guys in my friends.So I’m glad about this opportunity that show me what you have interest in just now.
    Well,your anxiety is very complex and difficult to understand.I can say just one thing.
    Don’t think separately. always translate everythings you see and think into both languages in your mind.then,some day,you might realize your own stance against such a sufferings.
    Then,some other time…bye.

  2. Bob Arl (INOMA Kamitoki) より:

    Jo soy Bob Arl.(INOMA Kamitoki)

    May god bless you & your action.
    And Congratulations.


    All good things will come to you like an avalanche.


  3. yukun より:

    Hi, tougo.
    Thank you for reading this blog. moreover, Thank you for your advice. I agree to it and try to reflect it.
    If you have a spare time, please read this blog again o(^-^o)

  4. yukun より:

    Hello Bob Arl.
    Thank you for reading this blog. I’m glad for your encouragement.


    See you next time.