Take the character of the time

Sometimes, I don’t often use many textbooks which have taken to the university. Although I’ve planed to learn many subjects without cease and not to waste time, I usually pass the assigned time in a day before I haven’t finished some subjects and used some textbooks.
So I’ll manage the limited time in a day. I think that I divide the time into some intervals such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes and more than one hour and so on. I’ll make use of this character of the interval. That is to say concretely,

  • 5 minutes when waiting for a train are spent in memorizing a simple things (eg: English word).
  • 15 minutes are spent in needing pointed activity (eg: solving a comparatively easy math problem).
  • More than one hour are spent in constructing a idea (eg: writing a report). Maybe, it will become main task in a day.

I need to consider above things and can limit the choices which will take textbooks to the university (‘ `)b