The Brain Excuse in Various Ways

I surmise that the human brain may like to be stable. That is to say that the brain doesn’t want to work to the utmost. I hypothesize that it’s extreme argument but my past experiences apply to this case maybe.

For instance, When I wanted to get up early morning, I excused myself for hard work of last night.
In addition, when I must study a whole field in my major, I studied a part of field only because it’s easy to study and I can enjoy doing.

In short, above example may be only a irresoluteness and excuse. OK now, what can I do ?
Do I give up improving my lazy style to determine as the nature ?
I’ll take all measure necessary to retrieve good motivation and will get up my self-image.
So I’ll indicate what to do below.

Supposing that the brain feel the pleasure by acting or not doing, I’ll try to give my brain feel the sting by doing or not doing.
In above instance, when I wanna get up early morning, I’ll image losses when I fail to do.
They are to lose the precious morning time on concentrating to do anything or to feel the guilty as not following the promise itself. Right then, what should I act concretely ?

In an inevitable technique, I should secure the sleeping time. It may be easy to listen but saving one time lead to do another.
Then I should prescribe the rule such as when I begin to sleep again, I open the curtain or wash my face.

It may be hard for me to govern the nature and emotion but on the other hand, I can do thought and act. I’ll wanna continue to choose them to cause good effects on me.