RMT, the Eye of the Storm in the Net Game

Recently, the online game has been more popular together with developing the computer’s performance and building the network.
At the same time, some people pick out not only the real value but also virtual one.

In online game, some player buy the game currency for the real one.
That is RMT standing for Real Money Trading.

They often buy through the agent.
The employee of the brokerage firm describes that the main users are busy salaried workers who wanna enjoy the game with not having much time.
That firm takes up the game currency from the heavy user who spend much time in a day.
He said that I earn fifteen thousand yen per a month. In addition, he also assert that the demand of the game currency will increase.

But the company of making online game doesn’t formally admit RMT.
One of reasons stem from the bot. Well, I’ll try to state the present problem of RMT including the bot.

A bot is defined as the computer program that operate to earn the game currency automatically and unfairly in online game as the game character.
A bot comes from a robot. For instance, the bot character on the game searches the enemy, smashes it, and gets the game money. it repeats the cycle without a break.

But the bot pressure burden towards the game server and disturb the human player enjoying it. For that reason, the company bans the bot and detects bots with the manpower around the clock.

Since the pattern of the bot movement is regular and fixed, the stuff can detect easily. Nevertheless, the innumerable bot annoy the game company.

The user of the bot access the online game from China mostly.
Some users remark that we gain by the reminder of currency rat between China and Japan and between the real and the game.
Some online game company prohibit the bot user from accessing the game from China. But they attempt to access it through the relay server in Japan.

While some Japanese game company are puzzled over RMT’s problem, the
American game company that has spread and argued with online game market perform the business that premise RMT. “Second Life” is a case in point.

I deduce that on the Net it’s difficult for authority to grasp the distribution route and amount but according to making them visual as the business, we can conceive the new way of sound enjoying the game.

Frankly speaking, I think the virtual world encroaches the real one whether or not.