Reviewing Web2.0 at the Tail of the Procession

At present, Web2.0 has sunk the wall between the real world and the Internet world.
it enables the most people to access the Net and to express or discuss own opinion with a weblog, a wiki, SNS (Social Networking Service), and SMS (Social Media Sharing).

Furthermore, their technique and service allow people to search information that they wanna know because I presume that the frank writer including blogger replies the thing one wants to know on Web beyond time and space.

But on the other hand, huge quantities of information bury desired information over noise.
I had a full realization of bother when I couldn’t find out it at one try.
So, I’ll try to design the innovative software that draw the appropriate result of retrieval from jumble of good and bad.

Then, I’ll continue to propound various queries in multiple perspective towards state-of-the-art technologies of immediate future when I’ll work as the front line. I do so, and I can lead my creativity.

In the next era of Web2.0, the device that can connect the Net will be downsized. It means that people can do it in anywhere and anytime. In the future IT society, what is called ubiquitous, how will we interact with it ?